Gitopia: Year In Review 2022

As we turn pages on 2022, we wanted to take a moment to look into the milestones we have achieved in building Gitopia and establishing a code collaboration platform that the open source and web3 communities can rely on. This year has been all about laying the foundations for a platform that promotes trust and collaboration within these communities, and we are excited to see what the future holds and to continue building upon our efforts to foster collaboration and innovation within these communities.

The Gitopia Janus Testnet Upgrade

We have released a new upgrade on the Gitopia Janus Testnet. This upgrade is special as it will onboard the initial set of validators to Gitopia and mark the first step toward the launch of Gitopia Mainnet. If you are amongst the validators who have received an invite to validate Gitopia Janus Testnet, you can start running your node immediately.

Indexing your Cosmos chain with TheGraph

Graph Protocol recently launched their cosmos integration which allows any cosmos app chains to index their state to the graph and then query/search it using graphql. This guide aims to showcase an end-to-end flow while using gitopia as an example chain.

17 Years Of Git: The Monomyth

Git, the world’s most widely used version control system today, wasn’t always this ubiquitous. Linus__Torvalds invented git to support the development of the Linux kernel, but it has since proven valuable to a wide range of projects.

The Game Of $LORE

The Game of $LORE is an incentivization mechanism that rewards participants with points based on their contributions. These points will determine the number of LORE tokens to be rewarded to the participant at the Mainnet.

Introducing Gitopia Janus Testnet

Last September, we launched the first iteration of Gitopia's Testnet, giving users a sneak peek into **Gitopia — a decentralized code collaboration platform for Web3**. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we'd like to thank everyone for their feedback!