Demystifying Gitopia Ecosystem: Validators/Delegators and staking

A central facet of any blockchain is its consensus mechanism. Consensus refers to how all the stakeholders in a decentralized network agree on the validity of shared data (typically some kind of transaction, but not always) and secure that data on the blockchain. Consensus must be achieved before a blockchain network can move on and process new transactions.

Why Gitopia is Building with Cosmos SDK?

Gitopia is developed using the Cosmos SDK framework. The Cosmos SDK is a modular framework that simplifies the process of building custom, secure, scalable, and interoperable blockchain applications quickly.

Git: A stupid content tracker

Git, the most widely used version control system in the world today, is called a stupid content tracker! In the official Git website, under its documentation, Git is referenced as “Git- the stupid content tracker”. Apparently, Linus Torvalds, the developer of Git, thought it to be funny and unique.

Censorship on Code Collaboration Platforms

GitHub censors content on its servers due to multiple reasons. Some of the reasons can be said to be justified while some not. This is a major cause for concern as GitHub in recent years has become the hub of development of many open-source projects and decentralized ecosystems.

git init Gitopia

A significant reason for the growth of open source today can be attributed to the emergence of Version Control Systems(VCS) and code hosting platforms. **Git**, like other version control systems, manage and store revisions of projects.