Hello, Gitopia community!

As we approach the highly-anticipated Gitopia mainnet launch, we are excited to share with you the latest updates and developments. The first quarter of 2023 has been fruitful for Gitopia, with the team working hard to build a better platform and achieve our goals for mainnet.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new and what’s to come.

community update

Developments in Q1 2023

Major implementations and upgrades include:

  • Interchain bounties using IBC
  • Branch protection rules for repositories
  • Custom inflation
  • Testing in-place store migration
  • Review comments in Pull Requests diff view for code reviews
  • File explorer sidebar in diff view for easier navigation
  • Improvements in fork repository workflow
  • Git LFS support in git-remote-gitopia and custom git-server
  • Gitopia subgraph for search and explore on the platform
  • Airdrop based on past GitHub activity

The implementation and upgrades and explained below:

1. Gitopia Chain:

In this quarter, the team focussed on improving existing features, performance improvements, tests and couple of new features. There were two releases v1.3.0 and v1.4.0. For a detailed changelog, visit here.

Some of the notable things in v1.3.0 include:

  • Bounty improvements
  • Custom inflation
  • Performance improvements in store

The upcoming gitopia v1.4.0 release includes new features like:

  • Branch protection rules
  • Improvements in fork workflow
  • Review comments in pull requests
  • Mainnet related tasks

2. Gitopia Web:

In this quarter, the team focused on implementation of a couple of new features and web fixes. The releases in this quarter are v1.4.0, v1.4.1, v1.5.0 and v1.6.0. For a detailed changelog, visit here.

  • v1.4.0:
    • A new wallet panel in header showing all assets
    • IBC workflows to depost and withdraw tokens from other compatible IBC chains
    • UX improvements in Interchain bounties
  • v1.4.1:
    • Added a prompt to backup wallet for new users
    • Disabled cssnano to resolve build issues
  • v1.5.0:
    • Branch protection rules
    • Bounty and balance related fixes
    • Better autodetection of code syntax highlighting
    • Updated forking flow with branch selection and repository name change options
    • Minor design improvements
  • v1.6.0:
    • Implemented review comments for diffs of pull requests and commits
    • Introduced a files-changed tree view for easier code change navigation
    • Updated behaviour for syntax highlighting of large files
    • Updated bounty design and expiry date checks

3. Git-remote-gitopia:

Git-remote-gitopia upgrades in this quarter include:

  • Adding Git LFS support: With Git LFS, users can store large files outside their Git repository, making management and collaboration on large projects on Gitopia easier.
  • Git transfer protocol optimizations

4. Custom git-server:

The custom git-server had the following upgrades and fixes in this quarter:

  • Git LFS support
  • Introduction of branch protection rules, providing advanced functionalities and increased security
  • Websocket resubscription issues fix, improving server stability and performance

5. Other upgrades in this quarter include:

  • Implementation of Gitopia subgraph using the Graph protocol to enable efficient and decentralized data search and exploration on the platform.
  • Work on implementing the proposed Airdrop, which required calculating rewards for users based on their past GitHub activity.

community update

  • In our efforts to decentralize Gitopia’s infrastructure, we are exploring other ways to deploy the webapp, APIs and other services. As a first step in this endeavor, we have deployed a version of Gitopia webapp on the Akash Network – a decentralized cloud computing marketplace. You can try it out at https://gitopia.dev.


Our team has been enhancing Gitopia’s documentation to make it more user-friendly and informative. Some of the improvements include:

  • Search: Added a search to the documentation thanks to algolia’s DocSearch. This makes it easier than ever to navigate and find answers to your questions.

community update

  • Improvements to the UX: After feedback from the community, we have made some changes to the docs user experience.

Some of the improvements are as follows:

    • Adding a sidebar index page to the navigation experience.
    • Improving and standardizing the various tutorial steps and designs.
    • Cropped the tutorial screenshots to improve user readability.

community update

  • Addition of new pages in the documentation:
    • Devnet
    • Interchain Bounties
    • Using other IBC-compatible assets on Gitopia
    • Network Paramaters
    • Public Endpoints
  • Updating various outdated pages and tutorials in the documentation.

The team is committed to continuous improvement and will be adding documentation for new releases, such as Explore and Search, review comments in PR, Delegators guide, Proposals, and instructions for the mainnet.

Gitopia devnet

In March, we launched Gitopia devnet to enable developers to try out new features and test updates before they’re released on the main network. This will enable us to quickly test new features and upgrades without disrupting the network. This process allows us to identify and address issues quickly, ensuring a smooth, stable experience for all users on the main network.

Key updates on the devnet include:

Interchain Bounties:

Interchain bounties allow users to crowdsource help for open issues reported on their project’s repositories on Gitopia by offering rewards. These bounties can be funded by the project or external organizations and are meant to motivate developers to work on the project and help improve it.

community update

  • Users can create issues, attach any IBC-compatible tokens as bounties to it, set a deadline, and invite meaningful contributions for a project.
  • The project maintainer can then assign the issue to a contributor.
  • Once the contributor’s pull request linking to that issue is merged, attached bounties are automatically released to the contributor, eliminating the need for escrow.

community update

Check out the Official Documentations for more details. Create interchain bounties and help us squash all bugs before the mainnet!

Support for IBC-compatible tokens:

To test the workflows, we have added support for the osmosis testnet and cosmoshub testnet network. Other IBC tokens would be added via proposals on mainnet. Check out the Official Documentations for more details.

Search & Explore:

Gitopia uses Graph protocol to enable efficient and decentralized data search and exploration on the platform. This will help users find their favorite projects on Gitopia and lay down the groundwork for a recommendation based explore/feed. This feature will significantly enhance the user experience and encourage more contributions and collaboration. Gitopia would be one of the first few Cosmos chains to implement the Graph protocol for indexing, querying, and collecting data. Some of the notes on initial implementations can be found here.

community update

Added support for Git LFS:

With Git LFS, you can now store large files outside your Git repository, making management and collaboration on large projects easier.

community update

Software Upgrade Proposals:

Gitopia devnet was the testing ground for our first software upgrade proposal! Going forward, all software upgrades will be done through proposals.

community update

Review comments in a pull request

Collaborators can now comment on the comparison of files between two specified branches in a pull request in the form of individual line comments. Adding line comments is a great way to discuss questions about implementation or provide feedback to the author.

community update

Additionally, we have introduced a files-changed tree view for more seamless navigation of code changes.

community update

We encourage you to try out the new features and share your feedback with us. Please report any issues by following this link: gitopia-web. In the issue description, please mention that the issue was found in the devnet.

Looking Forward

This quarter has been pretty productive for Gitopia with the Devnet live and the introduction of Interchain Bounties, a major addition to Gitopia. The upcoming quarter will begin with the Gitopia mainnet launch. Stay tuned for more updates and news as we get closer to the launch.

If you are eager to learn about our token design and the upcoming Airdrop at mainnet launch, don’t miss our latest blog, “The LORE Token Model”. To learn more about what we achieved in 2022 and what’s planned for 2023, check out the “Gitopia: Year In Review 2022”. These blog provides an in-depth overview of our progress and future plans, so be sure to give them a read.

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