Ecosystem partners are a value-adding network of partners and collaborative organizations who can give an important competitive advantage. Gitopia, in its run, will be onboarding many ecosystem partners to its ecosystem to provide its users with high-value services and capabilities through technology integrations that offer complementary value around the Gitopia platform.

Ecosystem partners perform various functions. Some ecosystem partners will form the distribution network for Gitopia’s products and services. They will be essential to a successful sales and marketing strategy, as the distribution network lends massive scale to any fast-growing technology provider. At the same time, the other ecosystem partners are technology providers whose products can be integrated into Gitopia. Ecosystem partners are essential to Gitopia’s product and market strategy because they allow us to capture and enter new adjacent markets without investing heavily in new product developments for those markets.

The different kinds of ecosystem partners that Gitopia will onboard to its ecosystem are -

  • Co-Marketing Partners: They are the partners who will market different solutions to the same customer base. Co-marketing partners can work together to attract users to both products.

  • Platform Extenders/Third Party Application Developers: These are add-ons or plug-in providers who build applications on top of Gitopia. They help extend the functionality of Gitopia, increase the value of the platform to end-users, and form a solid base of support for Gitopia.

  • Referrers: Vendors or VARs who do not distribute a vendor’s product directly but can refer their customers to the vendor.

  • Implementation Tools Providers: These are software vendors specializing in “tools” that help customers better use the Gitopia code collaboration platform. They will add value to Gitopia and enhance its reach and competitive advantage in the market.

  • Strategic Technology Integration Partner: Another vendor whose technology can benefit from deep integration with the Gitopia platform to strengthen both products’ features and competitiveness.

  • Joint Product Strategy Partner: These are technology vendors with whom your company can jointly develop and market a unique product to capture a specific market segment of customers that have unmet needs the product makes addressable.

  • Community Partners: These partners will help increase the adoption of Gitopia by spreading awareness about Gitopia in their community. Partner with other organizations to support social causes and missions like COVID-19, wildfires, Natural disasters, etc.

  • Cryptocurrency and Decentralized projects: To run a sustainable decentralized infrastructure we need partners who can directly integrate their blockchain with Gitopia and offer developers services for developments. These projects will help in Gitopia adoption via one of the above methods mentioned in the list.

  • Liquidity partners and exchanges: These partners help the ecosystem by providing liquidity to encash the rewarded contributions. These will be market makers, public exchanges, and Dex.

  • Certification partners: Certification authorities are universities and institutions working with Gitopia, validating the users participating in different activities.

  • Legal and licenses Lack of actionable licenses is one of the problems being solved by Gitopia. To make this successful Gitopia will partner, onboard, or hire the resources needed for making Licenses more actionable and valid in legal structures.

Gitopia has set aside a portion of its LORE tokens in its Token economics model to incentivize new partners to join the Gitopia ecosystem and grow their businesses with Gitopia. Whether you are building solutions that integrate with Gitopia or services that help customers reach their full potential, partners are welcome to join the Gitopia ecosystem and avail incentives. More information on this will be revealed in a future blog.

Gitopia invites partners to build their businesses on the Gitopia platform, integrate services with Gitopia and extend the functionality of the Gitopia code collaboration platform.


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