Evangelists are the people who act as a bridge between a product’s users and its developers. An Evangelist’s primary goal is to excite the technology they believe in to establish a critical mass of users. They are the most organic growth hackers. In principle, they work to raise awareness about a given technology and build a community of users that also love that technology. Once there is a critical mass of users, the evangelist works further to establish their technology as an industry standard by moving to larger and larger accounts.

Evangelists come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some people have a marketing background with a strong interest in technology. Some are developers who like talking to users. And some evangelists are people who have in-depth knowledge about a software product from the user’s point of view. Whatever their background, they have a common goal: to do what they can to increase the awareness of the product they believe in among people and increase its adoption.

Among the participants of the Gitopia ecosystem, there are two significant kinds of evangelists:

Open source Evangelists

Open source evangelists are the people who are enthusiastic about open source software and work to increase its awareness among users and improve its perception. They communicate the value and benefits of open source software with users to increase adoption and encourage more open source contributions.

Crypto Evangelists

Crypto Evangelists or Believers, as they are commonly known, are the people who genuinely believe in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. They look forward to seeing a time when digital currency and Decentralized applications replace their counterparts and become mainstream.

Believers look beyond the price of a cryptocurrency and focus on the future of blockchain, believing that it’s a technology that will revolutionize virtually all industries. Many blockchain believers don’t trust centralized institutions and often feel that centralized institutions mean centralized power that will be wielded against the people over the long run. They believe that tools are needed to protect people against the dominance of these centralized institutions. For believers, the key to a healthy system lies in decentralizing power, which often means access to data in the current information age.

The role played by open-source/crypto evangelists

  • Open source and Crypto evangelists engage in communities, both offline and online, about open-source software, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology.
  • They help evaluate, educate and increase adoption of various open-source software, cryptocurrency, and decentralized applications.
  • Open source and Crypto evangelists help spread knowledge about open source and cryptocurrency respectively by writing educational articles and also help attract more contributions.
  • They contribute to open-source software by writing code, helping with documentation, marketing, etc.
  • Evangelists collect feedback from users and make sure that the maintainers of the open-source projects get to know what problems users have with their software and what new features they need.
  • Crypto evangelists understand what cryptocurrencies are for and strive to learn the technology that powers them, even if it requires technical knowledge.
  • Crypto evangelists accept cryptocurrencies as payment in their businesses and use crypto in everyday transactions to encourage others to do the same.
  • Believers take part in community events and token airdrops of various cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications.
  • Both Open source and Crypto evangelists plan bounties to promote the development of new features in different open-source software and decentralized applications respectively.


The above article explains the roles and responsibilities of open source and crypto evangelists in the Gitopia ecosystem and their incentives.

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