Congratulations to the community on the launch of the Gitopia Janus Testnet!

To mark this occasion, we’re kicking off ‘The Game of $LORE’, an incentivization mechanism that rewards participants with points based on their contributions. These points will determine the number of LORE tokens to be rewarded to the participant at the Mainnet.

Gitopia envisions developing into a platform where user concerns and experiences matter, openness, and transparency exist naturally with its community-driven governance approach.

To make this a reality, we need to onboard core ecosystem builders and developers to the platform ahead of the launch. This approach will ensure that early platform participants have enough stakes to drive the governance process that helps the Gitopia ecosystem grow.

The Game of $LORE is built to:

  • Bootstrap Gitopia ecosystem and onboard early stakeholders such as validators, developers, and Open-source/ Web3/DAO projects to the platform
  • Airdrop Open-source and Web3 communities to migrate and onboard to Gitopia
  • Reward developers and teams helping in building Gitopia
A total of 3,250,000 / 7,750,000(Around 42%) minted and unlocked at genesis will be rewarded to the community via The Game Of $LORE incentivization mechanism.

The Game of $LORE — Points and Reward distribution

The reward pool of 3,250,000 LORE tokens would be distributed in 3 major categories:

  • Validators— 1,000,000 LORE tokens have been reserved for distribution through rewards and allocations(delegation) to the Validators participating in Janus Testnet.
  • Contribution rewards — 1,250,000 LORE tokens have been reserved for this activity. This activity is designed to reward meaningful contributions to Gitopia. Since the definition of real is subjective, we will reward:
    • All the contributions on the verified open-source and Web3 projects migrating to Gitopia on Janus Testnet.
    • The DAO or other projects that get significant contributions from developers.
    • Developers or teams that are building Gitopia.
  • Airdrop to the community— 1,000,000 LORE tokens airdrop is planned for the developers and contributors in web3 and opensource communities. The airdrop will only be approved after a proposal in the community is thoroughly discussed and passed.

We have unlocked a few activities at the launch of Janus Testnet to enable early contribution rewards. Throughout the Janus Testnet, we will be announcing multiple contests for validators, developers, and other ecosystem participants. These contests will allow community members to earn additional rewards for their contributions other than the ones mentioned in this blog.

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Validators — Points and Rewards Distribution

Gitopia aims to provide the highest standards in network infrastructure security, intuitive usability, and community engagement from validators. The reward mechanism will help battle test Gitopia infrastructure and relayers.

The Validators will get HUB points for their contributions which would later be converted to LORE tokens based on the formula below:

Total validator pool available : 1,000,000 LORE tokens

Total Number of LORE token rewards at Genesis =

(HUB Points accumulated by a validator /Total number of HUB points accumulated by all the validators) 
* Tokens pool reserved for this activity ;[Max. 10,000 LORE tokens]

The validator pool is further divided into two reward pools:

Reward Pool 1: Onboarding and Validating Janus Testnet — 100,000 LORE

To start winning points, validator whitelisting is needed. Following are the processes to increase your chances of whitelisting to become a validator:

Follow the steps to participate as a validator on Janus Testnet:

Points for validators

Eligibility and rules:
  1. To receive rewards, the validator needs to validate at least 1/3 period of the Testnet.

  2. The rewards will be distributed to validators based on the points, and the pool for the maximum pool size is 100,000 LORE tokens.

  3. Additional tasks and rewards can be added to the validator pool during the Janus Testnet.

  4. A whale cap of 10,000 LORE tokens per address during the Janus Testnet.

  5. Any additional amount remaining from the reward pool one will be added to the reward pool 2.

Reward Pool 2: Delegations and builders rewards to the validators — 900,000 LORE

Along with the onboarding rewards, validators would also have an opportunity to earn rewards by contributing in building the Gitopia network with the team and demonstrating exceptional contributions during the testnet phase. The rewards would be given with the community vote.

Any remaining amount from this pool will be delegated to the validators at the genesis.

All pool’s final allocation and delegation will be announced and distributed at the Mainnet.

To contribute, join our Discord and talk to us or reply on the thread on our forum.

- - -

Contribution Rewards — Points and Rewards distribution

Gitopia is a developer-centric ecosystem where developers will be rewarded to contribute to Open source and Web3. Everyone participating in the pool will get DEV points for their contributions which would later be converted to LORE token at genesis based on the formula:

Total Number of LORE token rewards at Genesis =  

(DEV Points accumulated by individual / Total number of DEV points earned by all the participants) 
* Tokens pool reserved for this activity; [Max. 10,000 LORE token]

With the launch of Janus Testnet, developers will start getting rewarded for their contributions to Gitopia. The current distribution of rewards is planned in 2 major pools:


Total pool available: 1,250,000 LORE tokens

Reward Pool 1: Contribution rewards for developers, projects, Orgs and DAO on Janus Testnet— 750,000 LORE tokens

Reward Pool 2: Reserved for additional rewards, programs and tasks during Janus Testnet - 500,000 LORE tokens

Reward pool 1: — Contribution rewards for developers, projects, Orgs and DAO on Janus Testnet — 750,000

To win this reward pool, the participants would need to contribute to Gitopia and verified projects/DAO on Gitopia.

The reward pool is divided into three major categories of participation

  • Developer
  • Verified Open source Projects and DAO
  • Security, Testing and Bug reporting


Developers are at the heart of the entire ecosystem and one of the significant drivers in bootstrapping the Gitopia ecosystem. More tasks and points would be introduced for the developers during the Janus Testnet to make the contribution experience rewarding.



  • Participation for developers is open. You need to create a Gitopia wallet and get started by following the steps in the docs


  • Prior knowledge of programming in any language is recommended for getting started.

Tasks for the developers:

Terms and conditions:
  1. There is a whale cap of 10,000 LORE tokens per account to be won from this activity.

  2. Points for developers and validators are different, and their calculations will be based on the pool value and number of participants.

  3. Any user found spamming the repositories for reward points would be banned from the competition, and no rewards will be given to that account.

  4. To build on Gitopia, Talk to the team about how you can contribute. Just say Hi on Discord(#development) to get started.

  5. An individual can contribute to verified repositories and Gitopia any number of times. Still, only valid contribution approved by Gitopia Team and/or verified projects would only be eligible for the rewards.

  6. Any amount remaining from the above pool will be added to the community pool for future reward distribution.

  7. The projects starting from scratch on Gitopia and reaching 100+ contributions from the users can apply for verified projects by filling out the form. Contributors of these projects would then be eligible for the rewards stated for verified project contributors, as mentioned in the table above.

  8. Gitopia reserves the right to revoke rewards and points to any participant, both individual and organization, in case of suspicion of spam for rewards.

  9. The rewards will be based on the points. Points don’t represent an equal number of LORE tokens(1:1) at Genesis.

  10. For verified projects contribution on the repositories/projects listed on the forum is only valid. List of repositories

Verified Open source Orgs, DAO, and Web3 repositories

If you already have an open-source project available publicly to the contributors on any code collaboration platform, you can participate as a verified repository/DAO/Project at Gitopia by filling the form

There are currently two ways for Orgs, DAO, Team and Projects to earn rewards for migrating and building on Gitopia:

  • Migrate your repository to Gitopia and enable contribution rewards for the collaborators
  • Participate in Airdrop and reward the contributors
Migration to Gitopia does not mean leaving any existing code collaboration platforms. You can continue to co-exist on both while taking advantage of the Collaboration, Web3 specific workflows and incentives available on Gitopia.
  • Should be an Open source, Web3 or community-driven project under development/live for at least three months or should be a project started on Gitopia getting significant traction from the community members other than the owner.

  • Migrate their workflows to Gitopia for contributors.

  • Fill out the form for verified repository/DAO/Project

  • The rewards will be based on the points. Points don’t represent an equal number of LORE tokens(1:1) at Genesis.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Projects should not accept fake/ PR to win and reward their contributors. Any project found doing so would be banned from the competition.

  2. There is an Max whale cap of 10,000 LORE tokens for the addresses participating

  3. The rewards will be based on the point mechanism, and actual points don’t represent an equal number of LORE tokens at Genesis.

  4. There would be more points unlocked with new functionalities and actions, on-demand for the community.

Security, Testing and Bug reporting

Gitopia aims to build a robust platform for the communities to collaborate. For ensuring security and thoroughly testing the entire infrastructure, we have announced additional points for reporting and fixing security issues on Gitopia Janus Testnet.

Points for security, testing and Bug reporting

Terms and Conditions:
  1. The bug reported should not be part of list of known bugs and must have not been reported earlier.

  2. There is an upper whale cap of 10,000 LORE tokens for the address participation.

  3. The rewards will be based on the point mechanism and actual points don’t represent equal number of LORE tokens at Genesis.

  4. The actual point for the fix will be rewarded by the core team.

Reward Pool 2: Reserved for additional rewards, programs and tasks during Janus Testnet — 500,000 LORE

We will be bringing in programs for the developers during the course of Janus Testnet to make it more exciting. The ‘Reward Pool 2’ is reserved for fuelling these activities during the Janus Testnet.

- - -

Airdrops to the community — 1,000,000 LORE

One of the primary goals of The Game of LORE is to reward as many past contributors of open source and Web3 community, exact details on the airdrop will be announced at the time of it going live.

Initial Ideas around the airdrop :

Must have conditions:

  • Should be a Fair drop and should include more number of contributors.
  • Should be given against contribution(work) and not against their stake.

Ideas on communities to include for the Airdrop:

  • Past contributors of any open source project used by the developers and highly driven by the community.
  • Blockchain developers who have contributed to building Opensource web3 projects.
  • Upstream contributors of Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Developer communities in other ecosystem.

We would want to take an opinion from the community before locking the airdrop details. Participate in the discussion on the forum to let us know your opinion on the airdrop.

- - -

The Game of LORE has been designed to bootstrap the Gitopia Ecosystem and onboard early stakeholders such as validators, developers, and ecosystem partners to the platform. Gitopia is determined to create a decentralized code hosting and collaboration platform that empowers developers to create, manage and share their open-source projects without concerns and create a self-sustaining ecosystem around the Gitopia Platform. We believe this incentivization mechanism serves that end purpose while successfully fostering the initial incubation of the ecosystem.


1. There are possibilities for additional points and rewards other than the ones mentioned above for the community. These points(or rewards) will be announced during the course of the Janus Testnet.

2. The settlement and calculation of rewards will be done close to the Gitopia Mainnet launch based on the blockchain transactions done by each account. Tokens will be distributed to contributors only after the Gitopia mainnet launch.

3. We will work closely with Opensource and Web3 communities regarding our Airdrop plan and distributions. The eligibility criteria and more details regarding airdrops will be announced later.

4. If you have any queries regarding The Game of LORE, feel free to reach out to us on our Discord channel. We’re grateful for the support we’ve received from the community and look forward to even bigger things to come. If you are excited and looking to participate, tweet and let us know about it.

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